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Urbanist Hotels is the new creative hotel development investment and asset enhancement platform co-founded by David JM Orr and Taco van Heusden.

In their careers to date, the co-Founders with the advisor Group bring together many decades of experience and success for owners and shareholders. The aim of Urbanist Hotels is to remain ahead of the market seeking to invest into and inspire new hotel genres as well as deliver great hotels for the cities that benefit from them. When conceiving and delivering award-winning projects, the Team works hand-in-hand with private and public sectors to create economic growth combined with wider social and cultural benefit.

Urbanist Hotels’ philosophy is founded on great design solutions combined with an operational culture and ethos that puts the guest and the employee at the heart of delivering exceptional customer satisfaction, which in turn drives rational economic participation of all stakeholders in sustainable credible value creation. Urbanist Hotels is neither entirely synchronised or entirely contrarian to market trends but looks to create long-term solutions bringing future proofing and risk management to development timelines.

Working with the very best in modem designers and architects Urbanist Hotels provides leadership for thoughtful and proactive conservation for “second life” projects. Bringing together the best global leading hotel brands and combining with Urbanist Hotels’ expertise, we are ensuring renovations or centrepiece restorations at the heart of new projects, are sensitively curated with top conservation architects, whether in the UK or Europe. Whatever the form of development, the vision is consistent: to create great experiences inside the “theatre of the hotel”, whilst delivering sustainable commercial performance and facilitating the careers and wider economic and social benefits exceptional hotels bring.

With an award winning and well regarded track record in creative hotel development and operational management Urbanist Hotels co-invests alongside high-quality institutional and private investors who value the company’s thoughtful approach to hotel design, modernity and conservation, the guest experience, financial success and risk management.